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Share a memory of Cole

We would love for you to share one of your favorite memories of Cole.

Thanks for Sharing!

 "I always loved going to Pop Culture with you because we went behind the counter and were able to make our own milkshakes You teaching me how to make them was so fun."

"It's hard to pick just one! The best time spent with Cole was when we were in the car driving back and forth to soccer. I could hear what a beautiful friendship he and my son, Shai, shared. The two of them talked about everything. Cole also liked to talk to me during these car rides, which many other kids don't enjoy doing. Sometimes he would start doing his Dora impressions or even break into song. Some days he would give Shai advice about what the next grade level would be like, or what to expect at Orchard. He was always kind and loving. I still think of him at various traffic lights that I would often sit at with Cole and Shai in the car. He is forever in our hearts." -Marcy Young

"When I was new, Cole was so kind to me.  He made sure I had someone to talk to and to sit with.  He’s been my friend ever since.”


"Dear Cole, We will all miss you and love how you were always smiling anf laughing and had the best attitude out of the whole class.


“Dear Cole, We miss you very much.  We will remember how you never hesitated to help others.  We will always remember your kindness, your smile and your funniness”


“We will always miss you.  You were always helping people.  Cole we all miss you.  I remember playing tag with you in 4th grade.  You would always joke around and were a fun person to be around.  You were kind, caring and friendly.”


“Whenever I see a music shirt in a store or even the radio in a car, it will remind me of you.  You are kind, caring, sweet, amazing, loving, great at guitar, an amazing helper, and overall the best best friend ever.  I liked your goofy faces, your tehe, and most of all your personality.  Miss you Cole.”


“I remember when me and Cole used to get yelled at for talking so much during IR.  Cole used to make everyone laugh.


“I remember playing soccer with you in 2nd grade when your dad would coach and I will miss practicing soccer with you and I remember doing partner drills with you.  You would always make soccer better and I wish you were still here to play soccer with.  I will also miss four square at school wit you.  At school today at recess, every time I got someone out, I would scream ‘FOR COLE’.  I will miss your humor and personality. You will always be in everyone’s hearts.

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